News ~ Blizzard Nemo in Rhode Island ~ Feb. 8-9, 2013

This Friday (2/15) we'll showcase pictures from the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group about the impact of Nemo around the state.

Today we'll show you how Casa Rhody made out in the storm.

Fruit Hill Ave. by I {heart} Rhody
That's Fruit Hill Ave., walking distance from our house, on Saturday afternoon. The street had been plowed, and with the travel ban in effect, there was very little traffic. And that was a good thing, because sidewalks were unshoveled, and roadways weren't plowed to the curb, so pedestrians are forced into the road.

Like these poor souls, hauling groceries home.
Bringing home groceries by I {heart} Rhody
And if you're wondering, yes, that's Bear in the foreground. We didn't actually need groceries, we just had a little cabin fever.

By Sunday there were some trails on the sidewalks.
1 shovel wide by I {heart} Rhody

Some were content to just shovel their cars out.
Just enough room by I {heart} Rhody
I wondered if there was enough room to open the doors.

But the plows were back out.
Plow by I {heart} Rhody

And everything looked so pristine and pretty.
out front by I {heart} Rhody

We were fortunate enough to keep our power, heat and internet all weekend. The reports said that upwards of 130,000 Rhode Islanders were without power or heat at some point during the weekend, including all of Aquidneck Island. Remember, that's about 13% of the total population. By Monday morning, that number was down to 20,000. Small comfort to those still without power, but a huge relief to 110,000 people, I'm sure.

Today (Monday, 2/11) we're getting a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow. We'll see how that effects the accumulation.


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