Dining ~ Ellie's Bakery ~ Providence

Ellie's Bakery
61 Washington St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Everybody's talking about Ellie's! Since the boulangerie opened in January, all the food bloggers are writing and raving about it. We felt left out, but are rarely Downcity during daytime business hours.

At last, an appointment brought us into Providence in the middle of the workday. We planned our visit to Ellie's around it, and it was well worth the effort.

Ellie's chicken by I {heart} Rhody
chicken statue at front door

The place is small, but very charming, modeled after the Parisian style.

Ellie's dining by I {heart} Rhody
Dining area
Ellie's back wall by I {heart} Rhody
back wall

We arrived at breakfast time. The offering was an egg sandwich done with either house-smoked bacon or house-made sausage. We got one of each.

Breakfast sandwiches by I {heart} Rhody

The bread, rather than a traditional English muffin, is a house-made mix between an English muffin and [insert French specialty bread that I can't remember]. It's a touch sweeter and denser than an English muffin, and delicious. The egg and bacon or sausage was served with a tomato jelly that came as a surprise. I found it a bit sweet, but Bear enjoyed it. I thought the bacon was excellent, though sliced a bit thinner than I usually like. Bear preferred the sausage, and we agreed they were both very good. The service of a neatly packaged sandwich in brown paper on pretty blue and white plates was charming.

Once we'd finished, we were both satisfyingly full, but the bakery cases were too good to pass up. We got a box of assorted pastries to take with us, and over the course of a couple of days, sampled a good number of Ellie's treats.

The pumpkin cheesecake cream puff (bottom right of the photo below) had a creamy and thick filling, that wasn't overwhelmingly pumpkin-y, with a light puff pastry.

Ellie's Bakery cooler by I {heart} Rhody

Spicy chocolate tart (top shelf on right of photo above) had a crisp shell whose flavor got a bit lost under the deep, rich dark chocolate of the filling that has a pleasant spicy bite of cayenne and cinnamon. They should make these bite-sized, since one or two bites was more than enough to satisfy. Our tart made three "just enough" servings.  The pretty meringue decoration added a touch more sweetness.

The chocolate walnut cookie was soft, thick and chocolatey with chocolate chips and walnuts. Just perfect.

photo: Ellie's

We tried four kinds of macarons:
Salted caramel. Not really salty, but definitely caramel. This was my favorite. Chewy and crisp with a melt in your mouth meringue sandwich.

Pistachio. Chewy and delicious, and apparently a favorite among patrons. The pistachio flavor is more of an aftertaste.

Strawberry. These were smaller than the others. The meringue was less crisp, and the center more of a jelly and not as chewy as the other types. It was a bit sweeter than the others.

Blackberry. I thought it would have a jelly center like the strawberry, but this one was more creamy with a definite flavor of fruit, but not as sweet as the strawberry.

One of the prettier offerings was a spiced speculoos cookie. We loved the imprinting and thought they were tasty as well. Somehow they seemed very old-fashioned.

photo: Ellie's

I also tried a cherry chocolate scone. It was tender with lots of cherry and chocolate bits. Definitely one of my favorites.

I would have loved to try their oatmeal cranberry bread, but there had been a menu changeover, as will happen with seasonal shops. I'll have to wait til next autumn for that.


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