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Dining ~ Ellie's Bakery ~ Providence

Ellie's Bakery
61 Washington St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Everybody's talking about Ellie's! Since the boulangerie opened in January, all the food bloggers are writing and raving about it. We felt left out, but are rarely Downcity during daytime business hours.

At last, an appointment brought us into Providence in the middle of the workday. We planned our visit to Ellie's around it, and it was well worth the effort.

The place is small, but very charming, modeled after the Parisian style.

We arrived at breakfast time. The offering was an egg sandwich done with either house-smoked bacon or house-made sausage. We got one of each.

The bread, rather than a traditional English muffin, is a house-made mix between an English muffin and [insert French specialty bread that I can't remember]. It's a touch sweeter and denser than an English muffin, and delicious. The egg and bacon or sausage was served with a tomato jelly that came as a surprise. I found it a bit sweet, bu…

Food Artist ~ Meghan

Baker's name: Meghan
Business name: Miss Vegan
Location: Online based RI shop

1. Tell us about your work: 
About 5 years ago I decided to make a life a changing decision. I decided to take on a vegan lifestyle. It had been the best thing I have ever done. It didn't take long for me to realize how much I missed eating desserts. I baked my first vegan cupcake, and it was instant love. I put passion into every treat I create. One would never know my tasty treats are dairy, egg, honey, and animal product free. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing the pure indulgence and happiness my treats put on ones face.

2. How did you come to be open an etsy bakery?
I started off on a very small scale selling vegan baked goods at the Scituate farmers market in 2008. Seeing as though that only ran for the summer season, I needed other ways to fulfill my baking addiction. I had heard about et…

Events ~ I Heart Providence ~ Feb. 5, 2013

I Heart Providence
Providence City Hall
25 Dorrance St.
Providence, RI
February 5, 2013

For the fifth year, I Heart Providence pulled off a great night of community, food and fun.

This year they added a competition theme for the participating restaurants: East side vs. West side.

The judges panel consisted of writer David Dadekian of, Chef Branden Lewis of Johnson & Wales University, and Chef Matt Varga of Gracie's.

Some of the participating restaurants included:

Cook and Brown ("European Gastropub") - East Side

Duck and Bunny ("Snuggery") - East Side - Winner, Best Chef

North - West Side

Vanity (1920's "Speakeasy") - East Side

The Grange ("Plant-Based Restaurant") - West Side

Julian's - West Side

There were also plenty of Providence-based artists, organizations, restaurants and crafters.

Live entertainment was provided by Miss Wensday and the Cotillions, who performed swing and torch music in the City Council chambers

Shop Local ~ Downcity CSA ~ Providence

Interested? Email the

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