Dining ~ Shanghai ~ Providence

272 Thayer St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 331-0077


We were out enjoying the snow for Bear's birthday, and followed her stomach to Shanghai for lunch. Birthday stomachs are not to be ignored.

Shanghai is on the second floor, which makes access a little tricky. We didn't see an elevator around, so we made the climb and were greeted by a large stone Buddha head, which was a nice touch.

Buddha head

To the right was carry-out, to the left, the dining room, kept warm (and hidden) by a curtain. We found our way inside and were seated quickly. The service was friendly and quick. The music was an eclectic 80's mix, moving from Richard Marx' "Don't Mean Nothin'" to "We Built This City" then "Jesse's Girl" and onto "Paradise City." While I enjoyed the flashback music, Bear and D were less than impressed.

Shanghai interior
Shanghai interior
Bear ordered sushi, a California roll and spicy shrimp.

Spicy shrimp roll and california roll
Shanghai sushi

She liked the spice of the shrimp, though she found the breading a bit gooey. The dish had "just the right amount of heat and a good aftertaste." She liked the California roll, too, although she said it was more or less the same as California rolls she'd had elsewhere. The ingredients were fresh and tasty.

I tried the A5 appetizer platter, which was boneless ribs and chicken teriyaki.

Appetizer #5: boneless ribs and chicken teriyaki
Shanghai Appetizer #5
The portions are generous, and the food was good. The ribs are thick cut and juicy without the syrupy sauce you see so often. There was a slight char that added a nice flavor.  

The chicken teriyaki was fresh and hot. It also had a nice char, and wasn't soggy. The flavor was sweet, with a mild teriyaki flavor.

We were a little put off by the cleanliness, however. There were fresh stains on the tablecloth, and I had to replace my fork. At the end of the meal Bear noticed that the inside of the overhanging light fixture (barely 3 feet above the table) had a layer of grime on it. On the other hand, other tables looked clean, and the floor was spotless. Even so, it wasn't the most pleasant experience.


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