Friday, March 30, 2012

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Fire Sunset
Fire Sunset by robert.rinkel

East Matunuck, Rhode Island
East Matunuck, Rhode Island by R Joanne

Bristol Visitor's Center
Bristol Visitor's Center by robtm2010

From a Guy's Yard in E. Providence, Rhode Island #14
From a Guy's Yard in E. Providence, Rhode Island #14 by MyDay247

Roger Williams national memorial
Roger Williams national memorial by provbenson2009

The Breakers
The Breakers by bell7283

Joie de vivre!
Joie de vivre! by jpsphoto

providence tankers
providence tankers by jambori39

Homestead Gardens
Homestead Gardens by Dragonfly Island

Autumn by BlueisCoool

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop Local ~ Glee Gum ~ Providence

a guest post by C...

Glee Gum sent us samples of 7 flavors of their old-fashioned chicle-style gum: peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, triple berry, bubble gum, tangerine, and lemon-lime.

Glee gum assortment

Peppermint had a mild flavor very reminiscent of candy canes. Spearmint was surprising in that it had an initial burst of honey flavor. Cinnamon, my favorite, had a very natural flavor, and was not overly spicy or biting. Triple berry, Bear's favorite, was delightfully fruity. She was also quite enthusiastic about the bubble gum flavor, which she loved because it tasted like her mouthwash, and was overall the longest-lasting of the flavors. Tangerine was also pleasantly fruity, although we both felt that it tasted more like melon than tangerine. Lemon-lime, although we both agreed that it did not actually taste much like traditional lemon-lime flavoring, was also very good.

Glee gum

Overall, Glee Gum gave a good impression, all seven flavors were very enjoyable, and would be a good choice for people who enjoy Chiclets. There is a nice amount of flavor variety, all of which were very pleasant It also had the same pitfalls, however, losing its flavor quickly, and having a tendency to get stuck between our teeth with prolonged chewing.

Our advice to purchasers is to keep in mind that this is not a bubble gum: it is not suitable for blowing bubbles, and not for people looking to keep their mouths full or busy. It cannot withstand intense, continual mastication, and its flavor is short-lived. This is because (and is a huge selling point for many consumers, ourselves included), Glee Gum is all-natural, with claims to come the "closest" to organic as chewing gum (apparently?) gets. Glee Gum's website also boasts several other hot consumer buzz-words, including "sustainable," "eco-friendly," and is just-about-every-food-allergy-free. So, if you treat Glee Gum like any other fleeting breath-freshener or flavor ephemera, along the lines of a Tic-Tac or Lifesaver, Glee Gum makes a great option for the conscientious consumer.

*note: we were pleased to hear that Glee Gum just received their Fair Trade certification.

Friday, March 23, 2012

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Seal in the Providence River!
Seal in the Providence River! by sobodda

Newport Classic
Newport Classic by MattJohnston401

East Matunuck Mute Swan
East Matunuck Mute Swan by R Joanne

East side of Aquidneck Island, looking SE towards Sachuest Point
East side of Aquidneck Island, looking SE towards Sachuest Point by robert.rinkel

Red, White and Beautiful
Red, White and Beautiful by BarbaraS2009

Rogers Free Library
Rogers Free Library by robtm2010

Untitled by provbenson2009

PPL overlooking Level A
PPL overlooking Level A by Rick Payett

East Greenwich Yacht Club Annual Regatta - Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
East Greenwich Yacht Club Annual Regatta - Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island by misterfoto

Downcity #22
Downcity #22 by MyDay247

India Point Park Fireworks 41 (Mike Dooley)
India Point Park Fireworks 41 (Mike Dooley) by mike_dooley

Providence Skyline-3
Providence Skyline-3 by WMH Photos

Thanksgiving Sunrise
Thanksgiving Sunrise by Royston_Kane

ODC3 Spiky
ODC3 Spiky by R Joanne

IMG_2750.2 by Amy Martira Photography

The Mounted Command Providence R.I.
The Mounted Command Providence R.I. by BlueisCoool

NewYears 2011-90
NewYears 2011-90 by Carly Sabatino

Waterfall, East Greenwich, RI
Waterfall, East Greenwich, RI by Tio Mateo

Castle Hill Inn Newport Rhode Island
Castle Hill Inn Newport Rhode Island by Swissrock

Newport, Rhode Island
Newport, Rhode Island by Werner Kunz

Snowy bench
Snowy bench by jpsphoto

View From The Top
View From The Top by cyberastrofolkie

Sunset by Wilks2010

DSC_4399 by dadofliz

IMG_7876 by E Godfrey

Bugs eye view
Bugs eye view by markv20

10:00 am Narragansett, quiet
10:00 am Narragansett, quiet by mary jane 43

Douglas Pike
Douglas Pike by Dragonfly Island

Statehouse Walk
Statehouse Walk by GoProvidenceRI

colt park stonewall
colt park stonewall by jambori39

Fort Mansfield Art
Fort Mansfield Art by MackayPhotography

Old RI State House
Old RI State House by Mr. Ducke

118 National Police Parade - Rhode Island Capitol Police
118 National Police Parade - Rhode Island Capitol Police by rivarix

Untitled by Paul Shelasky

Enter Here
Enter Here by nat_19901

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Events ~ Newport Restaurant Week ~ March 23 - April 1, 2012

Newport Restaurant Week
March 23 - April 2, 2012
Various locations in
Newport and Bristol Counties

I found this information on the always-excellent blog Eat Drink RI by my friend David Dadekian.

There are more than 40 restaurants participating in the week, offering prix-fixe specials. If there's a place you've been meaning to try, this is your opportunity.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Food ~ Amy's Apples ~ Smithfield

Amy's Apples
128 Pleasant View Ave.
Suite B
Smithfield, Rhode Island
(401) 233-2000

Amy's Apples

Awhile back, when we attended the event at Blue Suede, we got to meet Amy of Amy's Apples. She had a display and samples of her wares, and of course, we were happy to taste and try.

Amy creates specialty sweet favors for occasions like weddings and showers, as well as seasonal selections.

Wedding cookies
Chocolate dipped Oreos and brownies, decorated for the occasion, as with these wedding favors.

My favorite of her samples were the trios of chocolate-dipped raspberries. So bright and pretty, as well as fresh and delicious. It was a like a quick taste of summer on a cold January night. I'm sure they'd be excellent with champagne.

Chocolate dipped Raspberries

But of course, the business is called Amy's Apples for a reason. She has a huge variety of dipped apples, some traditionally rolled in nuts or other goodies, and some elegantly decorated.

"Cashew Lover's Delight" via Amy's Apples

Sugar Scroll and Wavy Daisy apples via Amy's Apples
She has a great variety of favors and treats for any any occasion, and is so pleasant to talk to.