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Glee Gum sent us samples of 7 flavors of their old-fashioned chicle-style gum: peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, triple berry, bubble gum, tangerine, and lemon-lime.

Glee gum assortment

Peppermint had a mild flavor very reminiscent of candy canes. Spearmint was surprising in that it had an initial burst of honey flavor. Cinnamon, my favorite, had a very natural flavor, and was not overly spicy or biting. Triple berry, Bear's favorite, was delightfully fruity. She was also quite enthusiastic about the bubble gum flavor, which she loved because it tasted like her mouthwash, and was overall the longest-lasting of the flavors. Tangerine was also pleasantly fruity, although we both felt that it tasted more like melon than tangerine. Lemon-lime, although we both agreed that it did not actually taste much like traditional lemon-lime flavoring, was also very good.

Glee gum

Overall, Glee Gum gave a good impression, all seven flavors were very enjoyable, and would be a good choice for people who enjoy Chiclets. There is a nice amount of flavor variety, all of which were very pleasant It also had the same pitfalls, however, losing its flavor quickly, and having a tendency to get stuck between our teeth with prolonged chewing.

Our advice to purchasers is to keep in mind that this is not a bubble gum: it is not suitable for blowing bubbles, and not for people looking to keep their mouths full or busy. It cannot withstand intense, continual mastication, and its flavor is short-lived. This is because (and is a huge selling point for many consumers, ourselves included), Glee Gum is all-natural, with claims to come the "closest" to organic as chewing gum (apparently?) gets. Glee Gum's website also boasts several other hot consumer buzz-words, including "sustainable," "eco-friendly," and is just-about-every-food-allergy-free. So, if you treat Glee Gum like any other fleeting breath-freshener or flavor ephemera, along the lines of a Tic-Tac or Lifesaver, Glee Gum makes a great option for the conscientious consumer.

*note: we were pleased to hear that Glee Gum just received their Fair Trade certification.


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