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Artists ~ Kendra Bidwell Ferreira ~ Middletown

Artist’s name: Kendra Bidwell Ferreira
Business name: KJF Design
Location: my art studio is in Middletown, RI
Facebook: Kendra Ferreira

1. Tell us about your work I loved creating art ever since I can remember, as a child I was always making crafts & gifts for people. I took 4 years of just drawing in high school art, loved it and became very proficient in drawing just in black and white. I found colored pencil in college and it became my medium of choice. Colored pencil takes time and patience to create detailed drawings, it isn't the most common form of art and I enjoy showing my viewers a different form of art. I liked to experiment with different types of surfaces on which to work with colored pencil, the latest surface I'm enjoying is working on wood. I also teach adult classes and workshops in colored pencil and enjoy seeing my students progress and in some instances, even start showing their work.

2. How did…

Art scene ~ "Witness to Hunger" ~ City Hall Art Gallery

Witnesses to Hunger
A photography exhibit by the RI Community Food Bank
Tuesday, Feb. 14 to Monday, March 9
Providence City Hall
25 Dorrance Street
Providence, Rhode Island
During normal City Hall hours, 8:30 - 4:30

From the Food Bank's website:
"This powerful photo exhibit portrays Rhode Island mothers raising children in a world of hunger and poverty, a project made possible by the Women Ending Hunger volunteer group of the Food Bank."
Witnesses to Hunger is an exhibit of photographs by four local women to document the issues of hunger and poverty.

These women, who all have young children, were given digital cameras to document their experiences with hunger and its impact on themselves, their children, and their community.

The purpose of the exhibit is to start a dialogue about their ideas for improving the lives of low-income families with young children.

Food cans for the Nothing Campaign will be available in the City Hall gallery space so that visitors can take immedi…

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

American oystercatchers by nelights

Warren's Point, Little Comton RI. aka "Secret Spot" by robert.rinkel

Great Egret-Explore May 8, 2011 by R Joanne

From a Guy's Yard in E. Providence, Rhode Island #9 by MyDay247

Untitled by provbenson2009

IMG_2667.2 by Amy Martira Photography

Marina at Sunset by BarbaraS2009

Red Tailed Hawk and Lunch by BlueisCoool

Pontiac Avenue, Cranston by Carly Sabatino

Exeter Hollow Mill by cyberastrofolkie

Pawtuxet by dadofliz

Sunrise at Gooseberry Island 1 (Westport, MA) by Dave Amadio Photography

Snowy bench by jpsphoto

111 Photographs of 111 Westminster Street in Providence, RI by doubleagent

Lincoln by Dragonfly Island

Around Providence by Jraymay

Providence River by jpsphoto

Another one of the "BRIDGE" by Jerri Moon Cantone

giant hamsters by Jef Nickerson

fall-28 by GoProvidenceRI

IMG_7632 by E Godfrey

Events ~ The Northeast International Auto Show ~ Providence

The Northeast International Auto Show
Providence Convention Center
1 Sabin St.
Providence, Rhode Island

I dragged two rather disinterested young women with me to the Northeast International Auto Show. "There will be cars there," I encouraged. Both of them gave me the so? look that children seem to perfect in their teens.

Then we arrived. We started at the far end of the Mezzanine and worked our way back around. There were hundreds of cars, from many of the local dealerships and from around the globe. The first stop, Bear was in love.

The Suzuki SX4 was the right body type and color. We must have gone back to it three times in the course of the evening. She stood in line to sit in the driver's seat.

C seemed really into it, too. She was carefully checking mileage, and comparing fuel efficiency among the models she liked. She doesn't drive, but by the time we left, I think she may have changed her mind about getting her license.

This was my favorite: the Nissan Juke.


Artists ~ Kent Stetson ~ Providence

Artist’s name: Kent Stetson
Business name: Kent Stetson Handbags
Location: Providence, RI
Facebook: Kent Stetson Handbags

1. Tell us about your work.  When I was a student at Brown, I recall a professor mentioning in passing by during a critique of my work that I made "nice wall decorations". This comment really upset me at the time, but a couple years after I graduated I remember thinking about the way that I was framing my fine art. Instead of putting a piece in a picture frame, I decided to make a handbag out of it. I sold this piece to the first person I showed it to. I made several more bags, which were intended to be more sculptural than functional, but people insisted on using them. In a small way, I think that I have helped to cultivate a new kind of art-buyer- someone who may have a great appreciation for unique and artistic work, but may value the functional component of the bags I make and their element of interaction.

2. How did you …

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

"Rose Island Lighthouse at night by nelights

Tuckerman Ave. Summer of 81. Perfect drop and tuck on a small summer swell. by robert.rinkel

Mallard, Male by R Joanne

A renaissance city by provbenson2009

Kennedy Plaza by boliyou (I {heart} Rhody)

50. I can see clearly now by R Joanne

Rocky Shore by robtm2010

"IMG_2646.2 by Amy Martira Photograph

Matunuck RI, looking to the west by BarbaraS2009

Yellow Sunflower by BlueisCoool

RI Capitol Building 6 by Carly Sabatino

363/365 - east greenwich, ri by dracisk

87 of 111 by doubleagent

Bay Day by dadofliz

Dock Ep by cortneyrita.miclette

DAP_5027 the gallery is below. by Dave Amadio Photography

Horseshoe Falls by cyberastrofolkie

First snowfall of 2012 by Ken Zirkel

Lippitt Park by GoProvidenceRI

warren skiffs by jambori39

Dame Farm by Dragonfly Island

India Point Park by jpsphoto

Scarborough Beach, Rhode Island by colorob