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Events ~ Style Week Providence ~ Providence

Style Week Providence
Providence Biltmore
Jan. 22-28, 2012

Style Week Providence was a fascinating and fun look into the upcoming couture and ready-to-wear styles coming up for Winter/Spring of 2012. There were hundreds of people milling around in L'Apogee, atop the Providence Biltmore.

Bear and I attended three days of the seven-day event, and we were impressed (and sometimes a little intimidated) by the fashions, not only on the runway, but in the crowd. It was everything we'd imagined a fashion show might be, from the tall, slender women dressed all in black, to the avant-garde jewelry and clothes that swirled through the halls and among the vendors in the Accessories Showcase. I felt every extra pound.

There was wine everywhere, as well as Vitamin Water Zero (a sponsor). I did learn that the XXX and Spark are both pretty good. The rest... eh.

Our time at the shows was limited due to Bear's midterms the same week - you'd think Providence school district would schedu…

From the I {heart{ Rhody Flickr group

Conimicut Lighthouse by nelights

Slash! Off the top of a cold NE wave. by robert.rinkel

Sailboat at Sunset by BarbaraS2009

Creative Billboards Providence R.I. by BlueisCoool

Turk's Head building by boliyou (I {heart} Rhody)

After the Storm 2 by Amy Martira Photography

ceiling at l'artisan bakery in wayland square by kobrienjewelry

Incoming V.2 by kylenolin

melon by M4D1

Winter Sunrise by mediaguy4

From a Guy's Yard in E. Providence, Rhode Island #11 by MyDay247

Fancy upshot by nat_19901

I-Way project by provbenson2009

Dr. Eugene M. & Jane S. Nelson House by robtm2010

Thanksgiving Sunrise by Royston_Kane

Newport, Rhode Island by Šarūnas Burdulis

Crescent Park Carousel by siriusthinking

View from Castle Hill Inn by sobodda

Rhode Island by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region

Calligraphy by wildiris

Dining ~ The Square Peg ~ Warren

The Square Peg
51 Miller St.
Warren, Rhode Island

We read on Yelp that The Square Peg had just opened, and were excited to give it a try. It got good recommendations.

Bear, C and I stopped in after our trip to Blue Suede, since they're not far apart. The first thing we noticed about it was the smartly dressed fire hydrant outside. It was so cute! The restaurant looked similarly charming.

Once we went in, we quickly chose one of the window seats, enjoying the novelty. There's not a lot to see in this part of Warren - chiefly residential - but it was fun to sit by the window with the fairy lights.

The menu is fairly limited. It's soup and sandwiches for lunch and dinner, plus brunches.

Bear ordered her favorite: a Reuben, and C and I each got a cheeseburger.

Bear was happy with her sandwich, but didn't note that it was anything special.

Likewise, C and I found our cheeseburgers to be fine, but not out of the ordinary.

We did really like the atmosphere, though. The place …

Artists ~ David Dadekian

Artist’s name: David Dadekian
Shop name: David Dadekian Photography & Eat Drink RI

Twitter: @dadekian

1. Tell us about your work
My work is two-fold, one part is “traditional” photography: weddings, portraits, commercial imaging  interiors, products, etc.) and some art sales. The other part is culinary which includes photography along
with writing (and now some personal chef work and cooking education).

2. How did you come to be a professional artist?
I always tended toward the arts. I made short films in high school and did some writing, then I went to NYU film school where I really focused on writing and the visual end of things (and film music too). Around 1990 I was doing a lot of still photography and some of my mother’s clients (she was an art consultant for RI businesses and homes…

Dining ~ Ichiban ~ Cranston

146 Gansett Ave.
Cranston, Rhode Island
(401) 432-7220

Our first experience at Ichiban was when a server nearly bowled us over as she came barrelling out of the restaurant to chase down a couple of women who had forgotten their leftovers. It gave us a hint about the service that was right on target.

Very shortly after we were seated, we were presented with an array of appetizers.

Our server was happy to name and explain each one for us. Since I'm not very knowledgeable about Japanese or Korean food, it was very helpful. From left to right, you see fish cake, black beans, kimchi and pickled cucumber.

Not being a fan of fish, I didn't expect to care for the fish cakes, but we all really liked them. They were served cold, and were firm, not falling apart as they sometimes do. The black beans were a bit sweet, and al dente. It was our first experience with kimchi. Bear found it too spicy, and C doesn't care for cabbage. I thought it was okay, kind of earthy and not as…