Dining ~ J & D's Family Restaurant ~ Johnston

J&D's Family Restaurant
46 Putnam Pike
Johnston, Rhode Island

We were starving when we arrived at J&D's. After a day spent pumpkin picking, antiquing and other "strenuous" activities, we were ready for a nice sit-down meal.

J&D's has a nice interior, but nothing particularly memorable. There were two tv's visible from our tables, both with sporting events. Our server was very polite, efficient and competent. It was the food that was a complete disappointment.

The girls ordered calimari as an appetizer, which they  immediately sent back, both complaining of bad taste, and worse aftertaste. My Sprite arrived with no syrup in it - completely flavorless. Finally, when I ordered the prime rib on our server's recommendation, she came back to tell me that they were out. To her credit, the server apologized, took the appetizer off the bill and offered us free desserts for our trouble. She handled all the mishaps with aplomb.

Ultimately we ended up with fettuccine Alfredo, a short rack of ribs and chicken Parmigiana. The Alfredo had almost no taste of Parmesan at all. The chicken parm and fries that came with the ribs all had the same funky aftertaste that the calamari had, and the ribs themselves were only so-so.

Even the desserts were disappointing. C's pumpkin pie tasted strange - more squash than pumpkin. Bear's cheesecake was gummy and chewy. My brownie sundae was mostly good - vanilla ice cream and warm fudge, but the brownie itself tasted stale.

I'll say again though that our server was very good. She was pleasant and attentive, with no attitude when we sent the drink and appetizer back. She checked on us often and was always positive and upbeat.

We generally love these independent family restaurants, so it makes us sorry that we can't recommend this one for the food. Perhaps others will have a better experience.


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