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Scene on the street
Scene on the street by jpsphoto

Fireplace in old Library
Fireplace in old Library by alamodestuff

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, Rhode Island
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, Rhode Island by nelights

Providence River Arch Bridge
Providence River Arch Bridge by BlueisCoool

I'm Not Moving
I'm Not Moving by MattJohnston401

IMG_2673 by kobrienjewelry

Narragansett Coast Guard House
Narragansett Coast Guard House by DaveAmasPics


  1. Talk about a deja vu moment. That "Fireplace in Old Library" is located in the lovely George Hail Library in Warren. And actually, I am sitting across from that very fireplace right now at the circulation desk. And aside from the books displayed on the mantle, it looks exactly the same. Right down to the newsletters displayed on to the right of the bookcase. I must say it was a little spooky looking at that photo!

  2. Pam that's so funny! Hope it was spooky in a good way!


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