Events ~ Social Media Club Providence, Aspire's A Bar

Social Media Club Providence
Aspire Restaurant A Bar
311 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Social Media Club Providence

The Social Media Club Providence held its first meeting/Tweet-Up on February 24 at Aspire restaurant's A Bar. It was a great time, with lots of people, both familiar faces and new friends.

I was glad to see Jennifer from @savorthethyme, Chris from @chrissheehy, Kathie from @carloverkat, Becky from @Becky_DiStefano (wait til you see what she has in store!), David from @dadekian, and so many others. It was great to meet new faces, too. The organizers were @jessjurick @janehcouto and @joannlefebvre. They were so welcoming!

The first meeting was primarily social - a chance to meet people we only know from Twitter face-to-face. There was lots of conversation and laughter. But we also discussed ideas for future club meeting topics.

Social Media Club Providence Social Media Club Providence

Everyone had a great time and felt that the meeting was productive as well as fun. I've joined the club and am looking forward to their future meetings - I even signed up to be on the board!

Special thanks to Aspire restaurant for making space available for the club. It's really an elegant location and I'm looking forward to going back for a meal sometime.


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