Shop local ~ Apple picking at Jaswell's Farm, Smithfield

Jaswell's Farm
50 Swan Rd.
Smithfield, Rhode Island

From their site: "Jaswell’s Farm is the oldest operating apple orchard in Smithfield and currently being run by the fourth generation of the Jaswell family."

Jaswell’s Farm was started in 1899 by Nicola Gesualdi, an Italian immigrant. Nicola eventually changed his name to Nicholas Jaswell. In the 1930's the farm passed to his son, Joseph Jaswell. In 1967, Joe’s son and daughter-in-law Richard and Patricia took over the farm.  Richard and Pat focused on the fruit and vegetable growing,selling the harvests at their own farmstand and adding a cider mill in 1970.

Jaswell's Farm

Bear and I spent a lovely September afternoon picking Macouns at Jaswell's Farm in Smithfield. The weather was perfect, and we both had a great time darting from tree to tree, picking those apples that looked the ripest, the reddest, the roundest and tastiest.

apple picking

It's a far more interactive experience than choosing from a crate at the supermarket, or even the farmer's market. The fruit goes directly from the tree to your hand. It's just not possible to get fresher. It's the perfect activity for a weekend afternoon, and the staff at Jaswell's was friendly and informative, which made it even more fun.

Into the orchard

Of course, apples aren't the only crop at Jaswell's , and we saw lots of lovely eggplants on their way to market outside.


Inside the farm stand you can smell fresh pies baking and choose from bushels of other farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, jams and other treats.

Jaswells Farm store

We had a good time and I know we'll be back as other varieties of apples ripen. Later this month we'll be looking for a pumpkin as well.


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