Dining ~ Annie's, Newport

176 Bellevue Ave.
Newport, Rhode Island

Annie's exterior
Annie's exterior
We stood outside Annie's waiting for a table for at least 20 minutes. We took it as a good sign, since it was a Sunday morning, before the after-church crowd, and the place was already hopping.

It was not what we'd hoped. Once we were seated, the waitress took our drink order promptly, but we didn't see her again for about ten minutes. When she returned, the drinks were very small. Off she went again with our breakfast orders, and stayed gone for thirty minutes. 

I ordered the Eggs Bellevue, which is a take on Eggs Benedict, but with steak. Dad had huevos rancheros, Bear tried the ham and eggs. When we finally got our silverware, most of it was dirty. I had to request a fork three times, and my meal was cold before she brought it over.

Annie's interior
Annie's interior
The food was decent...neither the best nor worst I've had. Certainly it wasn't exceptional enough to come back for, in spite of the slow service and dirty silver. Mom, Dad and Bear agreed. Our next visit to Newport, we'll skip Annie's.


  1. Maybe the wait was long because the service was so slow! That's a bummer - having to wait for less than exceptional.


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