Book review ~ Witches, Wenches and Wild Women of Rhode Island, M. E. Reilly-McGreen

Witches, Wenches and Wild Women of Rhode Island

An interesting book chronicling notable women in Rhode Island history, Witches, Wenches and Wild Women of Rhode Island tells some well-known and some obscure stories.

Anne Hutchinson, the woman who started a colony of separatists from the Puritan colony. She and her followers founded the English settlement at Portsmouth.

Evelyn Nesbit, an original Gibson girl and center of an early 20th century scandal.

Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, American socialite and suffragette, co-designer of Marble House in Newport.

And perhaps a dozen more accused witches, bitches, vampires, pariahs, poets, heroes and ghosts. It's a quick read, written in an ironic, winking style.


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