Sights ~ Mt. Pleasant Branch Library, Providence

Mt. Pleasant Branch Library
315 Academy Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Can you tell that Bear and I love libraries? We've visited several throughout the state.

Mount Pleasant Branch
Mt. Pleasant Branch library exterior
From their site:
"PCL’s Mount Pleasant Library, originally known as the Sprague House Branch, was the first of the branch libraries to be opened in Providence in 1906. This library was started as a deposit of books sent to the Sprague House Association, a social agency located on Armington Avenue... When the Sprague House Association moved to another part of the city, the library became a full-fledged branch... The library, now known as the Mount Pleasant Library, moved to its current location, 315 Academy Ave, on June 25, 1949 with 1000 people celebrating in attendance."
Mt. Pleasant Branch library
The library definitely has that blocky mid-century design. It's interesting that you have to climb one of two sets of stairs to get from the entryway into the library proper, but there are lots of community notices there in the entry, which tells us this library is an active part of the community. The site says that there are no community or youth centers in the neighborhood, so the library functions as both in some regards.

Inside there's a lot of space, and a good selection of books, as well as a bank of computers. At one time there was a coupon exchange box, and I hope they bring that back.

DSCF0006   DSCF0007
Reading area - Mt. Pleasant Branch


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