Doing Good ~ Tweet 'n Greet Blood Drive at Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum, Providence

Well, I finally did it. My courage and my veins were finally in sync enough that I was able to donate blood at the Tweet 'n Greet Blood Drive at Johnson & Wales Cuilinary Museum. The trick, apparently, is to drink a lot more water than usual. Sadly, my camera was not in sync, so a big thank you to Astonish Results for the use of their photos.

It was a simple and pretty painless process:
  1. Fill out a form that helps determine your level of risk for blood-borne disease. 
  2. Get your blood pressure, temp and hemoglobin levels checked. 
  3. Supplies for many
  4. Lie down and get one needle-poke in the arm (seriously, it hurt way less than I thought it would). 
  5. Removing the blood
  6. Relax for 7-11 minutes (on average). 
  7. Eat cookies.
Boom. Done.
That's a mighty fine sac of B+

One pint, three potential recipients, and free cookies? I'm there.

Added bonus: at the Tweet 'n Greet blood drive, we got to meet some Twitter buddies face-to-face. It was great to see @RIBloodCenter, @NEMultimedia and @NewEnglandHD again, plus finally meeting @pa_diddle, @astonish_alicia and @InsuranceMHQ.

New England Multimedia was there not only to donate, but to record this video:

Props to the Rhode Island Blood Center and Johnson & Wales for a great venue, too. The catered event was held inside the Culinary Museum (a place I'd been meaning to go), so we were able to chat over hors d'oeuvres and lemonade.

Proof that giving blood isn't just doing good. It can also be fun!

I'll see you at a drive in eight weeks.


  1. What a cool blog post, E! Thanks for adding the video we shot! What a great project.

    You know what? Scott never gave blood (he didn't that night, either) because he's just not into needles, but after spending the afternoon at the Blood Drive, shooting video, and interviewing donors, he said he realized that his motives were selfish -- he was more concerned with momentary discomfort than helping someone -- and now he wants to give! We won one to the Good Side!

    See you at another Tweetup, Tweet 'n' Greet, Meet Who You Tweet, or whatever the next one's called!

    Michelle for New England Multimedia & New England HD

  2. We're happy to give our blood and share photos for this great blog post and look forward to future donations.

    In fact, we're planning our own blood drive at the executive park where our offices are located. Maybe we'll see you there.

    Nick Brown
    Community Manager, Astonish Results


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