Sights ~ Scarborough Beach, Narragansett

Scarborough Beach
870 Ocean Rd.
Narrangansett, Rhode Island

Bear and I went to Scarborough Beach for July 4th. We liked it much better than Misquamicut. Although the waves weren't very high this time out, we still enjoyed swimming and floating in the water. It wasn't as crowded, and there were fewer small children around.

Scarborough Beach


It was afternoon, and low tide when we arrived, which might account for the quiet beach and surf. This is the beach Bear and I like to walk. There's an abandoned building at the far north end of the beach. I still haven't figured out what it used to be, but it's fun to scramble over to check it out. I like to  call it the Narragansett Alamo.

Narragansett Alamo

The beach stretches over 26 acres, making it a good-sized one, with soft sand and moderate waves.


  1. The building is an old carriage house that was destroyed by fire, but never taken down. It has been the site of countless parties and other acts of mischief. Walk among the ruins and you will see the evidence!

    1. Thanks so much for that information! I've been wondering about it for years.


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