Sights ~ 133 Prospect Street, Providence

1775 house on Prospect St.

Way back in the early 80's, my then-husband and I lived in Providence for two years (he went to RISD). Our first apartment was on Prospect Street, and every day on the walk from the RISD campus to home, we would pass this charming cottage. I loved it; I wanted it.

It was one of the first sights I sought out when Bear and I moved back here. She fell in love the moment she saw it.

It turns out, H.P. Lovecraft noticed it, too. In letters to both Frank Belknap Long and Bernard Austin Dwyer, he mentions the house, and its proximity to Halsey House (more on that later).

The original part of the house was built in 1775, according to the plaque. It's obviously been expanded over the years, but it still retains its cottage feel on the south side of the house. The cottage style garden is lush, which makes it nearly impossible to shoot a clear picture of the house from the street.

I have no idea of the history of the house, of who owned it, etc. Lovecraft referred to it as a farmhouse, and perhaps it was. In 1775, most people lived on farms.

1775 house garden

An extension on the north side of the house gives it a mid twentieth century look, so that it's hard to believe it's all the same house. I didn't shoot that side of the building, but it's visible on Google Maps street view.

This area is the College Hill neighborhood, which has some great architecture, and this has to be one of the oldest extant buildings in the area (at a guess).


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