Rhody artist ~ Greg Stones

Greg Stones

I had the pleasure of meeting Greg briefly at the Providence Arts Fest in June. He was very friendly, laid back and easygoing.

Greg Stones

Greg paints in watercolors, with a sharp, humorous edge. His work is in the same vein as Edward Gorey, though not as - you should excuse the pun - gory. Macabre lite, if you will.

If some of his work seems strangely random, it could be that it was used in one of his two illustrated stories. Each piece will stand on its own, but some do make more sense in context.
Zombies hate archery

Still others let you make up your own story.

Moon Sheep

And occasionally he returns to realism.
Italian Building

I really got a kick out of seeing his work. There's a whimsy to it that I find appealing.

Be sure to check out his new book, Stuff Zombies Like:


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