News ~ Providence in Top 50 Cities for Working Mothers

Providence skyline at night

Providence has placed #22 on Forbes Woman's list of the top 50 Cities for Working Mothers. The list used criteria such as Cost of Living, Pediatricians, Unemployment, $ per pupil, Women's Income and Violent Crime to formulate their results.

Other major cities rankings:
New York: #8
Los Angeles: #28
Boston: #3
Chicago: #21

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked #1.

Looking at how Providence compares to those other cities in the criteria:

  • Income for women is higher than Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago
  • Living Cost ranked higher than Boston and Los Angeles
  • Pediatricians ranked lower than all five cities
  • Unemployment ranked lower than the other cities (47) and one of the lowest altogether. No surprise there
  • Violent Crimes ranked higher than New York,  Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles
  • Spending per pupil ranked than Chicago, Los Angeles and Minneapolis-St. Paul

A quick analysis would tell us that we need to improve unemployment, pediatricians, income and cost of living in order to move up in the ranks. Of course, there are also questions about quality vs. quantity, especially when it comes to services like pediatricians and education. It's not a perfect model, but it's a respectable entry.


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