Dining ~ Sea Plane Diner, Providence

Sea Plane Diner
307 Allens Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Sea Plane Diner

I ducked into the Sea Plane Diner earlier this week, wanting to kill time before an appointment.

The Sea Plane is a 1940s-1950s O'Mahony style diner (via Quahog.org) that sits facing toward Providence Harbor, although the view is industrial. The view doesn't matter too much, since the shades over the windows are pulled to keep the sun out.

Inside, the place is clean and chromed, with awesome mini-jukes (non-working, sadly) and a cheerful blue and yellow theme.

Sea Plane Diner

Mirror wall

Juke Box

Although it was pretty busy when I arrived, I didn't wait long to get my order taken. The staff was busy but friendly, and the food served quick and hot. Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough - my fault, I underestimated the time - and I had to make a last-minute switch to "to-go." This didn't faze my waitress at all, and moments later I was on my way out with my carry out box in hand.

My brunch selection was Eggs Benedict. It was very good, both the bit that I wolfed down at the counter, and the rest that I had after my appointment. It was served with some decent home fries, soft and easy on the onion, just as I like them. The hollandaise needed just a bit more lemon, but overall, it was delicious. Just as important, it was quick and served with a smile.

Eggs Benedict

I'll definitely go back if we're ever in the area and in the need of a quick and tasty meal.


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