Dining ~ Original New York System Weiners, Providence

Original New York System Weiners
424 Smith Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Just up the street from the State House is a hole-in-the-wall weiner joint, claimed to be the first of the popular New York Systems that have cropped around the state.

Original New York System Weiners

Gust Pappas, a Greek immigrant, opened The Original New York System in 1927. They've been in business ever since - an impressive 83 years.

Gus Pappas, Gust's great-grandson, owns the restaurant now. When we stopped in, we were greeted by the counter guy, very animated and friendly. Bear adored him and his patter. He complimented her on her manners, and she talked about his awesomeness for the rest of the day.

Original New York System Wieners

Our cook used a steel plate rather than preparing them "upd'ahm." (health department regulations).

Original New York System Wieners

As we were getting our sack, the grease stains already soaking through the brown paper, a few guys came in for their lunch. Our counter guy gave them the same friendly greeting.

According to an article in Edible Rhody, TONYS has been in its current location since at least 1931, when it first appeared in the Providence directory. The place looks like it's been around awhile, although it certainly had an update of the fixtures, probably sometime in the last thirty years or so.

Original New York System Wieners

While Bear and I haven't made up our minds in the great debate over who has the best wieners, TONYS is more than happy to tell you that Food Network chef Guy Fieri likes them the best. And they've got the laminated article to prove it.

Original New York System Wieners

Want to try making some of these bad boys at home? Guy Fieri's got your back.


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