Sights ~ Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly

isquamicut State Beach
Westerly, Rhode Island

We took our first trip to Misquamicut State Beach on a hot Saturday afternoon. We left fairly early (about 9:30 am), thinking the beach wouldn't get really crowded until closer to noon.

Traffic was unremarkable on the highways, and stayed mainly smooth until about three miles from the beach, where it screeched to a standstill. We clocked along at between three and ten miles per hour until we got to the beach parking lot, not unusual during beach season, but frustrating nonetheless.

There was plenty of parking available once we got into the lot, which made me wonder about the signs along the route offering parking for $20.

Flag over parking lot

The beach was crowded, as you'd expect on a hot summer day. We staked our SPF tent on the sand near the dunes and checked out the water.

Beach scene

The first thing I noticed was a ship in the distance. Probably some sort of commercial tanker, heading off to Quonset, we later learned.

ship in the mist

Bear hardly noticed the ship. Once the tent was up, she was full-speed ahead for the water. And that water was cold! I went in a few times, but Bear toughed it out and stayed in the water most of the afternoon.

While she and her sister enjoyed the water, I took a walk to see the amenities.

I found a small boardwalk with a bath house and snack bar. Beside it was a playground. It looked like the kids were enjoying it.

Queue for snack bar        Playground

We stayed to watch the tide come in, and agreed that the surf is a little tame for us. It's a very family-friendly beach, especially for younger children, and we enjoyed seeing lots of toddlers have their ocean experience. But we like bigger waves and will check out some other beaches to find the right ones for us.


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