Sights ~ The Big Blue Bug, Providence

The Big Blue Bug
New England Pest Control update: now Big Blue Bug solutions
visible from I-95
Providence, Rhode Island

As you approach Providence from the south on I-95 (or leave Providence toward the south) around Exit 19, you'll spy Nibbles Woodaway, the Big Blue Bug on the west side of the highway.

Nibbles Woodaway

Nibbles has become a favorite landmark, sought out by tourists, and listed on GPS "Points of Interest."

He's the mascot of New England Pest Control, and has been manning his post atop their roof since 1980. Originally painted purple (the actual color of a swarming termite, according to NEPC's website), the color faded to blue. When he was repainted in 2002, they kept the blue color.

NEPC's site also tells us that Nibbles is 9 feet tall and 58 feet long and weighs two tons - or about the same as our car. He's made of fiberglass over a steel frame.

Nibbles Woodaway

If you decide to photograph Nibbles, I can let you in on a bit of advice: Do not climb the embankment next to the highway at O'Connell Street. It's a precarious climb that doesn't give you a very good angle. As I discovered by backing up to get a decent shot, Bay Street runs right up to where you want to be.

Nibbles Woodaway

I've heard that Benny's once sold Big Blue Bug plush toys. The folks at have one, and I'd love to get my hands on one for the Bear.


  1. The Big Blue Bug is a Rhode Island icon, for sure! Did you know that New England Pest Control offers nonprofits the opportunity to hang a giant banner from the front of the Big Blue Bug for advertising purposes? And for FREE? You can find info on their website (which you linked to at the top of your post).

    I hope people will check out their website -- it's a lot of fun! I played with hovering over the icons for a few minutes the first time I ever saw it!

    Michelle Quillin for New England Multimedia

  2. Michelle, their site IS a lot of fun. I love the sound effects, too!

  3. As a RI native, I absolutely LOVE the Big Blue Bug. It never fails to make me smile. I think that Benny's was selling RI themed Christmas ornaments last year and the Blue Bug was one of them. I really wanted to get one, but never did make it there. I hope I can get them this year.

  4. Pam, I might have bought one, too. I'd love to see one, anyway!


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