Rhode Island's fattiest food...New York System Weiners?

Twitterer @LadyMissie shared a link with me today: Health.com's 50 fattiest foods in the states. One representative food from each state. Rhode Island's culprit?

New York System weiners

While I find it hard to believe that New York System weiners are the fattiest food in Rhode Island (clam cakes, anyone?), they're one of the foods Little Rhody is known for. And they don't skimp on the fat:
Fat content: 13 grams of fat for the hot dog and 15 grams of fat in a serving of ground beef. Plus, the ground-beef sauce is usually made with ultra-fatty shortening. ~from Health.com 
Bear and I really need to try some New York System dogs. Maybe for July 4 weekend.


  1. I love hotdogs - onions and mustard or chili and cheese. Divine. This looks luscious.

  2. Annie, New York System weiners are on our 4th of July weekend to-do list!

  3. I've never had those! I'll have to cross the border soon and try one. :)


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