Photos ~ Rhode Island State House at Pride Weekend, Providence

This weekend's pride event sees the State House dome lit with a pastel rainbow.

State House from Smith St.
from Smith Street around 8 pm

State House from Prospect Terrace Park
from Prospect Terrace Park around 8:30 pm

State House from Prospect Terrace Park
with the last bit of sunset behind it


  1. It fills me with so much happiness that the state house would do such a thing. <3

  2. Holy cow - those shots are beautiful! Especially the last one. Very cool presentation idea that the state came up with.

  3. Thanks Bumbles! The first shot is my eldest daughter's, the other two are mine.

    Missie and Bumbles: The State House often uses colored lights on the dome for special events. It's red and/or green around the holidays and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness in October. I'm sure they do other colors too, but I'd never seen this before.

    1. Update: It was also orange for Road Workers Safety Week.


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