Museums ~ Providence Children's Museum

Providence Children's Museum
100 South St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Bear and I were invited to the opening of two new outdoor play spaces at the Providence Children's Museum earlier this month. Up to now, we hadn't checked out the museum because we both figured Bear (at 14) is too old for the exhibits. We were mistaken.

This dragon met us as we arrived at the building. Not scary, but not friendly, he seemed as curious about us as museum visitors would be about him.
side of building

Our first stop was at the two new play spaces, since that was the main focus of our visit. First up was the Climber, designed by father and son architects and builders Tom and Spencer Luckey, who have built similar climbers around the country, but this is their first major outdoor structure.

The Climber

PCM's climber is 24 feet tall, with lots of levels to scramble over and climb on. Bear was delighted and dove right in.

Bear in the climber

The other new attraction is the Underland exhibit. Bear did feel that this one was a little too young for her, but it's still a fun and interesting adventure into the underground world.

entrance to Underland

We got the chance to meet Megan, the Marketing and PR Director, and Janice, the Director of the museum. We learned a lot about the history of the museum (it started in a Victorian mansion in Pawtucket in the mid 1970s and moved to its present location, an old jewelry factory in 1997). It was a nice ego boost to hear that they follow our blog!

As we went inside, it was cool to see how the exterior of the original building had been incorporated into the design.

expansion from original building

Bear just loved the Coming to Rhode Island exhibit, and checked out every stop along the way.

Coming to Rhode Island

Another favorite spot was Strings Attached. Bear does love her puppets.
marionette display

So, with all said and done, Providence Children's Museum was a great experience. They've got activities for the smallest (including an area for infants), and activities that even teens and adults can get into and enjoy. Thanks very much for Megan for the invitation, or we might have waited much longer to check it out.

Museum entrance
The end.


  1. I like the dragon - especially his tail! I would be in heaven with the puppet exhibit - I never outgrew them ;0)

  2. Isn't the dragon awesome? Bear still loves puppets too. I had to pull her away from the exhibit before closing time.

  3. Thanks for coming and for taking some great pictures!

  4. Megan we had a wonderful time. Thanks for your hospitality!


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