Events ~ Gaspee Days, Pawtuxet Village

Gaspee Days
Pawtuxet Village, Rhode Island

From "In June of 1772 brave colonists from Rhode Island burned the British revenue schooner, HMS Gaspee, in what has become recognized as the first overt action leading to the American Revolutionary War."

Each year, Pawtuxet Village and the Gaspee Days Committee host a series of activities to commemorate the event. There was a colonial encampment, art show, tours of the historic district and a lot more. It was a hectic weekend for us, but Bear and I were determined to see the final event: the ceremonial and symbolic burning of the Gaspee.

We arrived just in time. As we walked down toward the water we heard the last few lines of the remarks, then the explosion of cannon fire.

You wouldn't think that such a small cannon would make so much noise, but it did, and gave us both a good startle. The crowd cheered.

We hustled the rest of the way down to the water's edge to see the mock Gaspee aflame.

Burning of the Gaspee

It was allowed to burn for a few minutes before the fire department put it out, which was just as interesting to see.

Putting out the Gaspee

Afterward, we took a quick walk through the encampment and stopped to listen to a fife and drum corp.

Encampment Tents Fife and Drums

We were very taken by the Tory Dogs that accompanied the British fifers.
Tory dogs!

Next year we'll spend some more time at the events and really dig in for more detail, but it was fun just to see the ceremony.


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