Sights ~ Roger Williams Park Rose Garden, Providence

Roger Williams Park
1000 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Rose season has begun, and Bearand I took a trip back to Roger Williams Park to check out the Rose Garden.

We've visited a couple of times since we moved here, and I've been impressed with how long the roses stay in bloom. We've seen them flowering in November! There are dozens of different colors and varieties of roses, and I'm not familiar enough with the flowers to say which is which, but I can tell you they're beautiful, and the Rose Garden is a lovely place for a picnic or stroll.

bright in the sun

The garden is laid out in a rectangle, with roses planted along the border, a grassy area inside that, with brickwork paths and an Asian-inspired gazebo in the center. You enter from all four sides through Asian-styled arbors.


The park was formed in 1873 and by 1877 there were 300 varieties of roses in the garden. Apparently the garden fell into some disrepair, because it was restored and replanted in 1999 by the Rhode Island Rose Society. According to their site, there is a section of the garden called the "Brownell bed" that is named for Rhode Island hybridizers. I didn't notice a sign, and wouldn't recognize Brownell hybrid roses if I saw them. We'll have to check for them the next time we visit.

In the meantime, here are a few of the roses we saw:
Sunlight Fraternal twins Ruffles Christmas bow Orange

Cheers to the Rhode Island Rose Society for a phenomenal job! This is a spot Bear and I will go back to time and again.

For information about growing your own roses, check out Growing Roses Organically: Your Guide to Creating an Easy-Care Garden Full of Fragrance and Beauty (Rodale Organic Gardening Book) at Amazon.


  1. Thank you for the tour... exquisite imagery. Makes me want to go visit!


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