Rhody Artists ~ Calf Pasture Woodworks

Calf Pasture Woodworks
Wakefield, Rhode Island

Calf Pasture Woodworks
Toymaker Eric Swanson with his wares at the RISD Alumni Art Sale.

Calf Pasture Woodworks was one of the first booths we saw when we went to the art sale. We were instantly delighted with the sweet, simple wooden toys. Eric Swanson works with native local hardwoods and non-toxic stains. The toys are durable and beautiful. I especially love the sheep. The wool is soft and fluffy...they'd just so cute!

Swanson's web site is divided by seasons: Planting, Harvest and Winter, with different accessories for the work that would happen during those times of year.

A set is costly, but it's also an investment. These are heirloom pieces that your great-grandchildren could play with.


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