Libraries ~ Adams Memorial Library, Central Falls

Adams Memorial Library
205 Central St.
Central Falls, Rhode Island

Adams Memorial Library

The Central Falls Adams Memorial Library is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The library itself was organized in 1874, but the current building, a Greek Revival structure, was built in 1910.

It's apparent that a lot of care has gone into restoration of the main interior. There's a stunning dome just inside the door, that looks like it may have been recently painted. It literally stopped me in my tracks when I went inside the building. Columns and woodwork look freshly stained.

Adams Memorial Library Dome Interior

Adams Memorial Library interior

The back room (an extension?) is well-stocked, but in definite need of some refurbishing. You can definitely tell where the restoration stopped.

Going downstairs, there's a brightly colored mural indicating that the children's room is ahead.

Adams Memorial Library mural

The Children's Room has not received the restoration that the rest main floor has, but you can see it's thoughtfully arranged. There's a tiny stage that now houses reading chairs and stuffed animals along with the books.

Adams Memorial Library Children's stage

There are several fireplaces in the library, and one in the children's room has a plaque, dedicating the area to Sullivan Ballou. Members of his regiment met there as veterans.

Adams Memorial Library Sullivan Ballou Post dedication
Click on the photo to view a larger version and read the plaque.

Those familiar with the Civil War may recognize Ballou as the soldier who wrote a heartbreaking, eloquent letter to his wife shortly before being killed in action. This is our second run-in with Ballou in a few short months. I'll have to write a post about him and his wife Sara.


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