Events ~ Tweet'n Meet, April 28, 2010

Tweet'n Meet
Joe's American Bar & Grill
Providence Place Mall
Providence, Rhode Island

"@carloverkat" and I have been tweeting back and forth for a couple of months now, and we decided that we should meet in person, and put a face to the handle. She suggested a Tweet-up, and since I'd had such fun at the one back in February, I jumped right on it.

All together, we had half a dozen Tweeters (Twitterers?) gather at Joe's American Bar & Grill to talk Twitter and Facebook marketing strategy, tools, tricks and tips. There was also a lively debate on the merits of various smart phone brands, and talk about family and other interests outside of the 'net. We met @woolley_anne, @mylocalprocom, @twospoons1 (a new Twitter convert), and of course @carloverkat as well as me and the Bear (@iheartrhody)

Lots of laughing, great information, good food, and impressive sangria. It was a lot of fun, and we're sure to do it again.

(The pictures are awful, which is entirely my fault.)

Tweet 'n Meet

Tweet 'n Meet


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