Sights ~ Prospect Terrace Park, Providence

Prospect Terrace Park
Congdon St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Roger Williams and the State House

This is a lovely overlook park, with a great view of the city. From it you can see the State House, Providence Place Mall, the First Baptist Church and other landmarks. The vista in autumn is especially nice, since you can see foliage around the city for miles.

View of Providence from Prospect Terrace Park

The park was established in 1867, and in 1935-39, a statue of Roger Williams was erected. I have to admit, it's a pretty goofy statue. Williams looks like he's doing a 70's era "trucking" walk. The statue's taken quite a beating from graffiti and vandalism. He's missing fingers, and there are spray paint markings on him.

Roger Williams statue

Williams remains are entombed below the statue, although they didn't start out there. Originally buried at his homestead, they were reinterred in 1939. That's a whole other story.


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