Sights ~ More of Roger Williams Park, Providence

Roger Williams Park
1000 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Right near the Japanese Garden is Hasbro's Boundless Playground. The playground opened in 2001, sponsored by Rhode Island-headquartered Hasbro, and has been very well maintained. Nothing looked broken, rusty or out of service.

It was very busy when we were there, with easily 50-100 children and parents enjoying the spring weather and fun, brightly-colored fixtures. Even though the park was crowded, it had the sense of being active without being overwhelming.

Hasbro Boundless Playground

Hasbro Boundless Playground

The park was designed for children with all types of abilities, and so incorporates a wide range of sensory activities.

Pat drives the bus
Pat enjoyed driving the big yellow "bus."

Bear liked the whole environment and loved the swings. A definite must-do for anyone with kids.


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