Sights ~ Bank of America Building, Providence

Bank of America Building
111 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Bank of America Building


I've been charmed by this building since the first time I saw it. I'm told it's called the "Superman Building" by the locals, though I've never heard anyone call it that. This is because it resembles the Daily Planet building from the 1950s Superman tv series and comics.

With its Art Deco architecture and appointments (like its limestone carvings of Rhode Island history) and its tall lantern at the top, it dominates the Providence Skyline.

Providence skyline at night

According to Emporis site, it was constructed as the Industrial Trust Building in 1927 and since then it's been called the Industrial National Bank Building, Fleet Bank Building, and now the Bank of America Building. It's the tallest building in Rhode Island, and the oldest building to hold "tallest building in the state" status in the U.S., according to Wikipedia. The architects, Walker & Gillette, were a New York firm that handled both commercial and residential accounts. I don't see evidence that they built any other Providence landmarks.

I'd been eager to go inside since we moved here, and this week I finally did. It was probably naive of me to bring my camera inside, but I just didn't realize that the main lobby is also the teller stands. I had expected a lobby that led to offices and bank tellers, I suppose. At any rate, no photos of the interior allowed, for security reasons.

I can tell you that it's spacious. There are red and gold tapestries on the wall, and white marble floors. It's probably more impressive if you go and see it yourself, but it's worth a look, even if it's just to say you did.


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