Rhody artists~ Stella Marie Soaps

Stella Marie Soap
Kim Gonzaga, Owner

A great variety of soaps, lotions, balms and butters in fun and funky fragrances. Kim Gonzaga hand-crafts her soaps with no animal products or by-products, so they're vegan-friendly.

I bought a collection of her products for my oldest daughter as a Christmas gift. She really enjoyed them, and wants more. I love the Rockaway Beach coconut cream soap. It smells wonderful!

Stella Marie Soap is available in select stores in Rhode Island, Mass and New Hampshire. She's also at the Wintertime Farmer's Market in Pawtucket, and took part in Craftopia earlier this month:

Stella Marie


  1. I can smell those marvelous soups from here. Isn't it wonderful that there is such a strong network of support for artisans such as Kim? I would much rather pay a little bit more for something if it means that one artisan somewhere can continue her craft.


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