Events ~ Daffodil Days, Wickford

Daffodil Days
Wickford, Rhode Island

Daffodil Days in Wickford is this weekend, so Bear and I went to check it out. We'd attended last year's and enjoyed it enough to go back this year.

Daffodils in Wickford

The village daffodils lining Brown and Main Streets, and since daffodils are my favorite flower, it was especially nice to see.

Daffodils along Main St.

Today there was a fashion show (that we missed). Tomorrow will be more festivities. We did get to see the bagpiper, a lone woman marching slowly along the sidewalks as she played. She was very good.


We stopped by the Wickford Diner - a disappointment (more on that in another post). Other than that, though, we had a good time seeing the sights. There are a lot of historic buildings in Wickford, and we saw many of them.

The First Baptist Church
First Baptist church

St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Church

Old Narragansett Church
The Old Narragansett Church, 1707
(we'll go back this summer to get a tour of the inside).

Wickford House
Wickford House "Old Yellow"
Affectionately known as "Old Yellow"

Narragansett House
Narragansett House

I don't know if this building has a name, but it's got an interesting shape.
Curved building, corner Brown and Main St.
I'll have to do some reasearch.

We didn't go into any of the historic buildings (more on some of those later, too), although we did a little browsing in the shops. It was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.


  1. Scott, Christa & I were in Wickford today, and we ate at the Wickford Diner! I'll let your blog post do the talking. I'm sure I'll agree, just from what you already said.

    We saw the bagpiper -- what was she doing? Was she there as part of Daffodil Days? What's the connection?

    Michelle Quillin

  2. So sorry we missed you! It would have been fun to run into each other.

    The bagpiper was listed on the events for Daffodil Days. I don't know the significance, but she (or another female bagpiper) was there last year, too.

  3. There's a lot of Daffodils in Newport near the rotary. I want to go back and get some shots before I miss them.

    I enjoy reading your posts.. You are essentially doing what I originally wanted to do with! I'm happy someone is because I really failed on mine LOL

  4. Tim, I haven't heard of your site before, but I'll check it out! It's always great to get another opinion.

    You hardly failed, you just had to keep going. Thanks for reading, and please keep commenting. We love to hear feedback!


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