Dining ~ RyNik's Hometown Pizza & Subs

RyNik's Hometown Pizza & Subs
620 Killingly St.
Johnston, Rhode Island

Hometown Pizza

Hometown is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it place on Killingly Street in Johnston. Set back from the road in a tiny two-store strip, it's easily overlooked and overshadowed by the larger buildings on either side that sit closer to the street.

The inside is clean and cheerful, the staff is friendly, polite and patient. It took Bear and I a few minutes to make up our minds about dinner, and we weren't rushed about it.

Hometown Pizza

Bear and I both had the Turkey Gobbler sub, thinking we'd make a picnic out of it. We were surprised when we received them and they were hot. We'd both been expecting a cold sandwich. Even so, it was good. The turkey was fresh, the stuffing was decent. Portions were large enough that we were able to split the subs in half for lunches tomorrow.

They also carry some house-label sodas. I tried the iced tea, which was just okay. I have a bottle of the lemonade, but haven't opened it yet.

RyNik's provides school lunches, and participates in dining donation drives (a certain percentage of your order goes to charity when you present the charity's flyer).

I'm sure we'll go back again. We have to try the pizza.

Pat at Hometown Pizza

Pat the Bear was charmed by the checkered tabletops.


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