Dining ~ L'Elizabeth, Providence

285 S. Main St.
Providence, Rhode Island

By sheer coincidence (we were hungry and happened to be driving by), we discovered L'Elizabeth. We were fortunate to get parking on S. Main, right near the front door. A sandwich board outside informed us "L'Elizabeth ~ pastries and martinis," although the posted menu listed lunch items as well.

After passing the outdoor seating, the first thing we saw was the beautiful stained glass window in the front door.

L'Elizabeth stained glass window

We were charmed by the decor. It's very eclectic, with couches and armchairs and small decorative tables scattered around. There's an old-fashioned bar in the back where they mix up martinis and other drinks, and eclectic wall art throughout.

L'Elizabeth interior L'Elizabeth interior

It kind of had the look of an antique furniture shop.

Ruth, our waitress, was very nice. She was pleasant, attentive and helpful. It appeared that she was the only person working in the restaurant, but then, we were the only customers.

I ordered the Beef & Cheddar on ciabatta with mashed potatoes. My oldest daughter got the stuffed artichoke, and Bear got the Thanksgiving - turkey and stuffing with cranberry mayo.

We were all disappointed with the food. Boiling bubbles around the edge of the mashed potatoes and the gray appearance of the meat led us to think that the food was microwaved behind the bar. We each shared our meals with the others, and all agreed, it was bland.

We decided against ordering dessert, and headed out. After discussion, our consensus was the same: Cute little place, good service, disappointing food.

In fairness, their sign does advertise "pastry and martinis," so it's possible that their sweets are better than their savories. I might go back if I were in the mood for a martini or some cake.


  1. You know, Erika, I've decided that if I ever visit Rhode Island, I will never want to leave. Each and every post you share here intrigues and enchants me.


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