Dining ~ Haven Bros. Diner, Providence

Haven Bros. Diner
Next to City Hall
Fulton St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Haven Bros. Diner is a Providence institution. Since the first horse-drawn cart (run by widow Anne P. Haven) trotted into town, the mobile diner served the Providence overnight crowd with quick, tasty meals. The big silver truck opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 4:00 am.

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Haven Bros. passed through a few generations of Havens before being sold to the Mollicone family in 1953 and then to  Jack Ferry and the Giusti family in 1988. The Giusti family runs the diner today.

C. was in for a visit on the weekend of March 21, while Bear was skating in Kennedy Plaza. We saw Haven Bros. pull up and set up, and decided to give it  a try.

The interior is tiny...according to Quahog.org, the ordering/dining area measures 14'x8'. There are a few stools and a narrow counter, as well as an ATM, a few posters, and a mirror the covers the top half of the back wall.

Haven Bros Diner Interior

Haven Bros Diner Interior

Service was quick, but laconic. We ordered a few different items that were delivered to us as they were finished, rather than all at once. C. was disappointed with her chocolate shake, although the rest of the food was okay. It's not fine dining, but it's not meant to be. It's simply fast, convenient attraction food.

I'm glad we went, so we can say we did. We probably won't go again unless we're bringing tourists who specifically request it.


  1. interesting thoughts! never been, but now i have a hankering for a chocolate shake!


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