Dining ~ Cindy's Diner, North Scituate

Cindy's Diner
46 Hartford Ave.
North Scituate, Rhode Island

It's been awhile since Bear and I stopped by Cindy's on our way home from our trip to Foster.

It had just gone dark, and there was Cindy's bright neon sign, looking like something out of Happy Days.

Cindy's Diner exterior

The interior stayed faithful to the sign's promise. Lots of aluminum, checkerboard flooring, bright red and white decor, in a Coca-Cola® theme.

Cindy's Diner interior

Cindy's Diner interior
(note, there are much better pictures on the RI Film and TV Office Web site)

The seats look like they came out of the back of my great-grandma's 53 Chrysler. In a good way.

The service was friendly, and when the waitress learned that they were out of what I'd ordered, she came back to apologize and ask what I would like instead. It was tough to make up my mind, but in the spirit of thinking/shopping local, I opted for the New England potroast. To the waitress' credit, she warned me it would be bland.

I should have listened. Even with the gravy, it was blah. The mashed potatoes were decent, the sweet potato fries were very good, but the potroast itself lacked any real seasoning.

Bear, on the other hand, loved her fried shrimp and clam cakes.

New England Potroast with sweet potatoes and mashed     Clam cakes, shrimp and green beans

Despite my rather disappointing experience with the potroast, it was a good time. The service was good, the place is clean and pleasant. We'd certainly go again.


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