Dining ~ Best Eastern Chinese & Japanese Restaurant, North Providence

Best Eastern Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
1820 Mineral Spring Ave.
North Providence, Rhode Island

Bear loves sushi. Loves it. I am not a fan. So it was nice to find a restaurant that serves both Chinese and Japanese food. Bear got her sushi: a Maki combo of tuna roll, shrimp roll and California roll. She liked it quite a lot, though she wasn't a fan of the tuna. But then, she's not a big fan of tuna generally.She wants to try the Rainbow Maki next time.

I got the pupu platter, which we shared. It's a huge amount of food, served on what looks like a wooden crudite tray. Between us we didn't finish half of it, but it made a nice evening snack, too. And there's still enough for lunch tomorrow. Bear and I both agreed that the crab rangoons are quite good, as are the boneless ribs and egg roll. I didn't love the beef teriyaki, but the chicken teriyaki was quite good. Go figure.

The restaurant is very clean, and looks to have been in business awhile. It has a slightly run-down appearance and a kind of 80's vibe.

Pam (Pan? I couldn't quite catch it), our waitress, was great. She was quick and courteous, and it was easy to catch her eye when we were ready for the check. The prices were very reasonable.

There were several menu items that Bear and I dithered over. We'll go back to try them.


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