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Providence, Rhode Island

Bear and I have lived in Providence since June 2008. Naturally, we've visited places around the state before we started I {heart} Rhody. On quiet days, we'll post some of our past adventures in and around Rhode Island.

Originally published May 6, 2009

Something the Bear and I had been meaning to do is see Providence's Waterfire. We finally did on Friday night. It was quite nice, and interesting. Not a thrill ride, more of a quiet community event.

Waterfire 5/2/09

Waterfire is an art installation. A series of braziers float in the Providence River. These are lighted, all or in part, along with music and other entertainments along the riverfront at various times during the season.

This time there was classical music and a fire juggler - Spogga. It was interesting to watch, and took us to a part of the city we've never visited before: the Basin. We'll definitely go again.


  1. Nice photo! I haven't been there in a while. Tip for you.. The reason it looks a bit grainy is the ISO is up real high. You want to keep it low, but let it take a long exposure. So stick it on a tripod or set it on the wall. With the FinePix S1000fd it's under the "f-mode" menu. But you'll have to put it in "A" mode (Aperture Priority). Not sure how familiar you are with your camera's controls so let me know if you want to know more =P

  2. My husband and I go to Waterfire every summer. Your description is perfect - "a quiet community event". Did you see the gargoyles on the WWI memorial? They are my favorite. II look forward to seeing them every year.


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