Milestones ~ 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Speech in Providence

Federal Courthouse Building
Federal Courthouse now stands where the Railroad Hall once was.

150 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln, fresh from his speech at the Cooper Institute, spoke in Providence at the Railroad Hall (a second-floor auditorium in the Union Passenger Depot). Lincoln spoke for 2-1/2 hours, in what was probably a recap of his Cooper Union speech. There's no record of his speech, though it was reviewed in the local papers at the time.

This and more information on Lincoln's connections to Rhode Island are available at the site, a site dedicated to celebrating the anniversary of Mr. Lincoln's birth.

When I heard about the anniversary of Lincoln's speech, I took a disinterested Bear downtown to check out the commemorative plaque on the side of the Federal Courthouse. She didn't believe me when I assured her that she'd remember and appreciate these adventures when she was dragging her own reluctant teen to stare at a plaque on an obscure historical anniversary, but she will. She will.

Lincoln plaque

Thanks to the Providence Daily Dose for their blog post, or I wouldn't have known about today's historic significance.


  1. I'm a native RIer and I'm embarrassed to say that I had no idea Lincoln had given a speech here. Shame on me. ONe more reason for Bear to be happy you are dragging her to these historical sites.


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