Events ~ I heart Providence

I Heart Providence
City Hall
25 Dorrance St.
Providence, Rhode Island

February 11 was the second annual "I Heart Providence" event at City Hall. Bear and I went to check it out. It was pretty cool, but crowded when we got there. Of course, this is a good thing.

First up we saw a table for the Providence Public Library, and the U.S. Census was there as well, recruiting.
U.S. Census table
Census table

The first floor also held a cash bar, chocolate fondu by Whole Foods University Heights, Providence-themed postcards by artist Carolina Arentsen and the United Way's information booth for their 2-1-1 service (February 11 = 211): 
Carolina Arentsen       United Way 211 table

Four different Miss Rhode Islands were there. This young lady saw me lining up the shot and struck a pose for me:
A Miss Rhode Island

On the second floor we found our friend Iris of Cutie Pies. She let us try a mint concoction that was just wonderful! I have to get in touch with her again to find out what it was called. **Update** Iris tells me the chocolate/raspberry/mint flavor is called "Falling in Love." Wonderful!
Iris Moore - Cutie Pie Lady

Fine bakery was near her, and offered me a lovely chocolate bourbon cupcake sample. The Bear enjoyed the red velvet.
Fine Bakery

Moving around the room, there was next a restaurant that may have been giving out samples of Mexican food. Whatever it was, the crowd loved it. I saw people with plates of it, and their table was swamped. There was no getting near it for a photo.

Past the live music area and another cash bar we found Tip*C cupcakes. They have an inventive list of flavors, many of them alcohol-based. While it all sounded delicious, Bear and I opted for a vanilla with lemon frosting. It was very good, and the owners were friendly.
Tip*C Cupcakes         Lemon vanilla cupcakes

Next up was I've been reading their site since I made the decision to come to Rhode Island. It's a great resource, with tons of interesting facts. Many of our list of "places to see in Rhode Island" were discovered at We were lucky enough to meet with its founder, Christopher Scott Martin.
Christopher Scott Martin - table

Just past there was a stop to make Valentines for Providence. Bear and I got a pink one and a puple one to write our messages on.
I Heart Providence Valentines

And just before we left, we caught a brief glimpse of Queen of Hearts jewelry. I wish I'd had the chance to really stop and explore. It looked like she had some beautiful pieces.
Queen of Hearts Jewelry

The crowd was loud and happy. It looked like people were having a good time, checking out the tables, talking, writing Valentines and generally having a good time.
City Hall steps

Crowd at I Heart Providence


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