Doing good ~ Drop In & Decorate

Drop In/Decorate cookies
Cookies decorated during the event

Saturday afternoon the Bear and I went to RISD's Metcalf Refectory to take part in Drop In & Decorate, a non-profit that raises money by allowing volunteers to decorate cookies that are then given to a local charity.

From their Web site:
More than 160 participants of all ages came together for three hours to decorate 1,000 cookies, with 800+ ultimately donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank's Kids Cafe program.
It was fun, with a very positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Drop In/Decorate cookies

CEO of the Rhode Island Food Bank Andrew Schiff was there to thank the volunteers.
Director of Rhode Island Food Bank

It was definitely something we'd do again.


  1. Cool. I found this after I asked if you created. Now the question is - which one did you create?


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