Dining ~ Nightlife ~ Tortilla Flats, Providence

Tortilla Flats
355 Hope St.
Providence, Rhode Island

I joined a Meet-up group called the Providence Collective to get out and meet some new people, make friends and experience the city with some grown-up company -- places I would go to where the Bear couldn't join me. My first event was this past Monday at Tortilla Flats.

Not only was the company a lot of fun, but the food was good. I tried my first margarita, which was very good. The combo was reasonably priced, had good selection and was tasty. It was loud, but no more than you'd expect a bar to be. Tortilla Flats does have restaurant seating as well.

A word about the Providence Collective meet-up group: Everyone was so friendly and made easy conversation. It was a pleasure to hang out with them for an evening, and I look forward to going to more meetups.


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