Art scene ~ RISD Museum's Queen of the Insects exhibit & Free for all Saturday, Providence

RISD Museum of Art
224 Benefit Street
Providence, Rhode Island

The Bear and I stopped in for RISD museum's Free for All Saturday last weekend. It's a great opportunity for kids to check out the art at the museum in a new context. This most recent event was about the interpretation of fire, water and earth in art. There were some lovely watercolors in the Ceramics Gallery, unfortunately under low light for preservation, so it was hard to really see their color. The children seemed to be having a very good time at the activities, and it was nice to see so many kids there at the museum.

The activities were a bit to young for 14-year-old Bear, so we focused our attention on the Queen of the Insects: The Art of the Butterfly exhibit. The hall outside the Buddha room was filled with beautiful works from different times, all depicting butterflies. There were old books, clothing and art. It's a small but lovely exhibit that runs through May 9.

Butterfly mosaic
Butterfly mosaic made of real butterfly wings.

I'd recommend Free for All Saturdays for anyone who wants to check out what the museum has to offer, perhaps viewed in a new format for contemplation. The activities seem to be geared for kids in grade school.


  1. This exhibit is on my list of "things to do". Glad you liked it. (Isn't that Buddha just awesome?)


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