Dining ~ Andino's Restaurant, Providence

171 Atwells Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

After the Souq/Bazzar show, Bear and I stopped at Andino's for dinner. The atmosphere is dim and candlelit, which the Bear thought was very fancy and cool. Unfortunately, it was too dim for photos. Andy, our waiter, was professional and attentive.

I started out with a Milky Way martini. It was extraordinary - sweet, creamy and smooth - and spot-on for flavor. Definitely a dessert drink.

The Bear ordered lobster ravioli, which she enjoyed very much.

I had the New York sirloin. It was bland, though the potatoes and broccoli on the side were quite good.

When we left, I accidentally left my camera behind. One of the other waiters chased us into the street to return it.

I'd definitely go back for the service, although I'd probably go for drinks rather than dinner.

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