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Dining ~ Andino's Restaurant, Providence

171 Atwells Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

photo: Providence Blogger

After the Souq/Bazzar show, Bear and I stopped at Andino's for dinner. The atmosphere is dim and candlelit, which the Bear thought was very fancy and cool. Unfortunately, it was too dim for photos. Andy, our waiter, was professional and attentive.

I started out with a Milky Way martini. It was extraordinary - sweet, creamy and smooth - and spot-on for flavor. Definitely a dessert drink.

The Bear ordered lobster ravioli, which she enjoyed very much.

I had the New York sirloin. It was bland, though the potatoes and broccoli on the side were quite good.

When we left, I accidentally left my camera behind. One of the other waiters chased us into the street to return it.

I'd definitely go back for the service, although I'd probably go for drinks rather than dinner.

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Art scene ~ Souq/Bazaar Show at Gallery Z, Providence

Gallery Z
259 Atwells Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Last night the Bear and I went to the Souq/Bazaar Show at Gallery Z on Atwells Avenue in Providence. We had a really good time. The gallery was dressed with red cloth to evoke a Middle Eastern souq, and there was an eclectic selection of art, fruit and vegetables, soda, jewelry and various other items. We happened to come in on "Art, Food and Wine" night, a monthly event to raise awareness for a cause (the ONE campaign).

Food was provided by Nara Hooka Lounge, situated across the street. They had set up a hooka outside to try, which was interesting. There was no taste of tobacco, just a cherry flavor, and you couldn't even really tell you were inhaling anything. There was wine and juice as well, selected by Gasbarro's wines. I tried the  red and it was excellent. I should find out the vintage.

This along with displays of other works. I love the chandelier as well as the painting on the back of the violin.

Local arti…

Doing good ~ Adventures in blood donation

Yesterday I screwed up my courage and went to St. Philips Church in Smithfield to donate blood. There was no special reason I went to that particular place. They just happened to be having a blood drive yesterday, when I decided to donate. Like most sensible people, I'm not a fan of needles. But I figure that the person who needs my blood is probably hurting a lot more than a needlestick is going to hurt me. And so off I went.

Registration is easy. There's a form to fill out, and if you're a first-timer like me, they ask for your driver's license so they can make a donor card for you. They test your blood for hemoglobin - shouldn't give if you're anemic - and check your blood pressure and temp. Clearing the screening gets you  a place in the donor's line.

It's a short wait before a technician calls you over to a cot, where they select a vein. In theory, there's a brief needle stick, and you just lie quietly and relax for about ten minutes. Drink so…

Art scene ~ Household Saints: African Spirituality in Cuban Art & Culture, URI Feinstein Campus Gallery, Providence

University of Rhode Island
Feinstein Providence Campus

The gallery is actually the halls of the Feinstein Campus, which is great for exposing the students to art, which they might not go out of their way to see. When I went there tonight, I learned that, starting next week, URI student ID will be required to get into the building. That will make visiting the gallery kind of tricky if you're not a student or faculty member. That's disappointing, since I just discovered this gallery and was looking forward to seeing upcoming exhibits.

The exhibit explores the impact of African culture and spirituality on Cuban culture and its representation in art. Much of it is based in Santeria, a major religion and cultural influence.

Santeria was created when Africans were brought to Cuba as slaves and forced to practice Catholicism. The Catholic saints came to have dual meanings among the Santeria, representing both the traditional Catholic saint and standing in for the traditional A…

Dining ~ Oriental Taste, Cranston

Oriental Taste
2224 Plainfield Pike
Cranston, Rhode Island

I had lunch at Oriental Taste today, a great little family-owned Chinese takeout/catering place. The Bear and I love their boneless ribs and crab rangoon. Serena is always there, friendly and ready to make fresh whatever they might have run out of in the lunch selections.

Lunch is really affordable, with rice or noodles and two items for about $6, and the portions are very generous.
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Shop local ~ CSA time is here!

This year I'm planning to sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription. It helps keep local farms going and guarantees the Bear and I fresh veggies each week, from June to November. Not a bad deal. Now, to choose the right farm for us.

Farm Fresh Rhode Island is a great resource for local farms, farmers markets, CSA's and "pick your own." I think the Bear and I are going to have some fun this year, going fruit-picking.

Places to go, things to see in Rhode Island

Barrington 100 Acre Cove: 41° 45.19' N 71° 19.277' W
Alfred's of Barrington consignment: 18 Maple Ave.
Alfred Drowne Road Historic District (NPS): Alfred Drowne Rd., Annawamscutt Rd., Washington Rd.
Allen-West Farmhouse (NRHP): George St., Nockum Hill
Artist in You workshops (RIM Best of '10): 71 Maple Ave.
Bagels, Etc.: 259 County Rd.
Barrington Books bookstore: 184 County Rd.
Barrington Civic Center: 283 County Rd.
Barrington Preservation Society Museum: (lower level, public library)
Barrington Town Beach: Bay Road
Barrington Town Hall: 283 County Rd.
Beach Mansion: 32 Lorrain St.
Belton Court (former estate): Middle Highway
Benjamin A. Jackson House, 115 Nayatt Rd.
Billy's restaurant (RIM Best of '09: new neighborhood restaurant): 286 Maple Ave.
Blue Kangaroo: 328 County Rd.
Bluewater Bar & Grill: 32 Barton Ave.
The Daily Scoop (RIM): 230 County Rd.
Haines State Park: Metropolitan Park Dr.
Hollies on the Avenue (RIM Best Spring '14 - gifts): 8 Anok…